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Future of Vermont Hockey

Green Mountain Glades & Vermont Flames Align on Future of Vermont Player Development

The state of elite hockey player development is at a critical point in the State of Vermont.  Considering, the established Elite programs known as the Green Mountain Glades and Vermont Flames acknowledge that there is a need to partner offering the best hockey experience in the State.  We have outlined the following development models as follows -

U10 & U12 Elite Player Development Model: 

*  The Green Mountain Glades will hold open tryouts held for U10 (2007 & 2008 birth year) and U12 (2005 & 2006 birth year) kids

*  The Green Mountain Glades will have three teams which will be comprised of one U10 (2007 & 2008 birth year) team

*  The Green Mountain Glades will have two teams associated with the U12’s (2005 & 2006 birth year).

U14 Elite Player Development Model:

*  The Vermont Flames will run two U14 (2003 & 2004 birth year) teams.  The Vermont Flames will provide the next level of training and development for these U14 age groups.  These teams will condition both on and off ice focusing on critical hockey principles. 

*  These teams will play a competitive schedule in Canada and New England pre-prep school programs. We are confident in these organizations leadership and extensive coaching connections within New England and Canada.

U16 Elite Player Development Model: 

The Vermont Flames will offer elite player development with their U16 split season midget program.  The goal of this program is to 1) make high school hockey in Vermont better and 2) develop late blooming elite athletes looking to play prep school or junior hockey.  Our commitment with the U16 split season program is for players wanting to play in the fall leading up to their high school seasons.

Competitive Hockey Landscape: 

The leaders of the Green Mountain Glades (Justin Martin and Michael Ludwar) and Vermont Flames (David Pavlik, Matt Miles and Cap Raeder) urge you to try out for our programs this spring. Not only because of the quality of the program but also due to our combined 40 years of coaching/development experience with Vermont hockey players. This leadership group is connected with college, prep schools, and junior hockey programs all over North America.  Our combined resume along with our coaching staff has a focus/dedication to the Vermont Hockey player.  Our product involves you as organization stakeholders because the Glades are a non-profit organization that is driving to offer the best program at the lowest possible expense, while keeping the development of our athlete’s in mind at all times. 

Have a great holiday and thank you for your patronage.